Workout Report 1.28.16

Total: 8.5 miles @ 7:19 pace


Elevation profile of my run today…the construction workers across the street definitely thought I was crazy given all those up and downs from miles 3-7 were on the same hill!

Today’s workout called for hills. I wanted to try something new, so got creative and googled “Hill Workout for Marathon Training.” One of the first things that came up was The Sisyphus Session from Mario Fraioli out of Competitor Magazine. The basics entail running up and down a long hill multiple times, but the specifics are much more ingenious and key for a marathoner. With about 30 seconds to go on the longest interval hill of my first set, I was faced with a very familiar feeling that I’ve only ever known in marathons – I wasn’t going super fast, but I didn’t want to go any faster, and I couldn’t believe I had to do those four hills two more times each! Hills are glorious for training – you can simulate a mental and physical state of mind you have in a marathon, in only 8 miles of running at an average pace of about a minute per mile slower than marathon pace! If that’s not bang for your buck, I don’t know what is.

Here’s the workout:

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Run Report 1.27.16


Sadie and I stretching, post-run.

Total: 9.06 miles @7:18 pace

I didn’t feel like running today. My legs were heavy from yesterday’s track workout and the weather was too “in-between-y” for me…(most people would find 40 degrees in Boston, in January, to be lovely, but I’m strange.)

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Workout Report: Tuesday 1.26.16

Total: 12 miles @ 6:36 pace

High Intensity: 7 miles @ 5:36 pace

This week’s track workout was amazing. It’s not that it felt so amazing, effortless, or smooth, like you may expect a final tune-up workout before a 5K race to feel. No, it felt amazing because I kept surprising myself by hitting the paces I thought I was too tired to touch. Although Monday was a glorious day of 10 slow, recovery miles, just Sunday I had done my longest run to date for this training cycle, (18 miles), not incredibly fast, but the majority being on snow covered ground. My legs were definitely not feeling fresh as I went into Tuesday’s workout, but apparently all of this marathon training is teaching my body (or maybe my mind) something – I can still run fast even when I’m tired. Here’s how the workout went down: Continue reading

Run Report 1.25.16

Total: 10.3 miles @ 8:00 pace

2My day started with an easy and wonderful 6 mile recovery run with my favorite canine. I expected to feel a lot worse following yesterday’s snowy long run. Having Sadie running along side of me, forced me to slow  down and take it easy, instead of chugging along at 7 minute pace as I usually do on morning runs. These slower paced recovery runs are so necessary and I’m glad I have Sadie pup to enforce that lesson!

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Long Run Report 1.24.16


Total: 18.05 miles @ 7:08 pace


Running along the Charles River this morning in some snow. Running pics aren’t flattering…


I was planning on doing this run yesterday morning with some teammates, but my body and mind weren’t up to it, so I took an unplanned day off and delayed my long run one day. We had a mini snow storm last night leaving us with about 6 inches total here in Boston. I needed to be somewhere by 11am so knew I had to get out on my run by 8am to be showered and ready to go by 10:30. I decided the most efficient way to get sleep and a solid run was to go from home out to the marathon course hills and back. I tried to go for the route I thought would was most likely to be plowed and packed… I guess I picked a good route, but my butt and hip flexors beg to differ… About 12 out of today’s 18 miles had at least a light layer of snow which makes a long run deceivingly harder than expected. My overall effort was pretty much the same throughout the whole run, changes in pace were due to big hills (Heartbreak was mile 8.5 – 9) and/or running through snow. Here are the splits for my run… Continue reading

Run Report 1.20.16

Total: 12.2 miles @ 7:43 pace

  • Morning: 8.2 miles @ 7:54 pace

Woke up for a somewhat lazy 8.2 mile run along the Charles. The temperature was in the low twenties but a wind chill of about one degree. Still, somehow I managed to overdress. Icy and snowy in some spots, forced us to slow down quite a bit. Overall felt very easy. Continue reading

Other things I do and could blog about.

You know when you’re out at a social event, meeting new people, and the first thing everyone asks is, “what do you do?” Well, I usually tell them my profession, you know, the thing that pays the bills, and unfortunately my $50 race winnings here and there just isn’t cutting it. How I really want to respond though, is with one of the million of other things that I do in my life that are important to me. Here are some of those things that I am and do. Continue reading