Race Report 3.6.16

  An Ras Mor 5K: 17:39 (5:42 pace), 6th female overall

Full Results Here

Overall, I’m happy with yesterday’s race. I don’t think a 17:39 is quite indicative of my fitness level, but it wasn’t a straight forward, just run fast kind of race for me. I went through the first mile in 5:30, which was actually right where I wanted to be timewise, but the effort level was a little high. Running a road race with so many elite men is a weird place to be, I had 156 people finish in front of me, all running faster than 5:42 pace, and when you’re 5’3”, that pretty much feels like a stampede running around you. I think I wasted a little energy in the first 800 meters probably running closer to 5:20 pace, and then quickly started slowing down as that’s a little much for this marathon trained body right now! I think if I was feeling perfect, going out a little quick would have been recoverable, but my legs were still a little tired from Fridays 19-miler, and I had what felt like a brick in my stomach from about mile 1.2 on, which can only be explained by the beer I drank on Saturday night… worth it.

I went through mile 2 right under 11:20, so only 2/3’s in, I had already slowed down to 5:50 pace. My stomach wasn’t feeling picking it back up for a full mile, and sitting at 5:50 pace actually felt doable. The positive about it all, was that I thought I was going much slower than 5:50’s. The fact that this race is so competitive being part of the New England Grand Prix series, the number of people that are super fit and super fast makes you feel like you’re going a lot slower when people are passing you like crazy. I had a couple girls pass me in the last mile, and I thought for sure that meant I had slowed down to over an 18 minute 5K. Coming around the final turn at mile 3, I could see the clock right around 17:00 and I realized I was actually running pretty fast despite not feeling great. I knew I knew I could pick it up and finish strong for the last straight away and my stomach being the limiting factor yesterday,  I just kicked as hard as I could without throwing up, and that got me in at 17:39!

Spring’s a coming here in Boston tomorrow! Happy running!






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