Workout Reports: 2.16.2016 & 2.18.2016

Playing a little bit of catch up on workouts this week. See what I did both Tuesday and Thursday below!

Tuesday’s Workout:

Total: 14.3 miles @7:12 pace

High Intensity: 5 miles @ 5:35 pace

After two days of recovery following my long run on Saturday morning, I was feeling really good for Tuesday evening’s workout. I started my day with a 3.5 mile recovery run with my pup, Sadie. It was warm and rainy and felt good to shake out my legs at a nice, easy pace early in the morning. At the end of our short jog, I was excited to get to the track that evening. Here’s how the workout went:

3.5 mile warm up @ 8:00 pace

4 x mile with 400m jog rest

5:36, 5:45, 5:39, 5:42

2 x 800 with 400m jog rest

2:42, 2:38

1 mile cool down @ 8:00 pace

The intent was to run the miles at tempo pace, (right under 5:50) and the 800’s at goal 10K pace, (2:45 or so.) A new GBTC’er was my workout buddy and we switched off leading each interval – he quickly found out how bad of a pacer I am, but I think we were both very happy with the outcome and pushing the pace is a good thing once in a while 🙂 . I think I was just excited my legs were feeling fresh again. Well, relatively fresh following a 75 mile week.

Thursday’s Workout:

Total: 11.3 miles @ 7:24 pace

Hill Repeats: 8 x Bunker Hill

I’m beginning to really love my Thursday hill repeats. Living where I do in Boston, I could easily avoid running hills everyday, (except the hill I live on of course) just running along the Charles River or out towards the ocean in the Seaport District and South Boston. But, the Boston Marathon, (and most race courses…) has some pretty significant hills and learning how to run hills efficiently is a very important part of training.

I started my run with 2.3 miles side by side with Sadie, dropped her off at home, and continued on one more mile until I arrived at the bottom of my Everest. Bunker Hill is a about a quarter mile long, gradual incline and I thought doing 8 repeats was an appropriate goal. I told myself I didn’t have to run fast, just strong. To me, running strong up a hill means: staying on my toes, pumping my arms, and focusing on my knee lifts. I really had no idea what pace I was going up each hill, but luckily “Bunker Hill St. Climb” is a segment on Strava and I was able to see exactly what I was did post workout.

I was happy to see that I ran very consistently for each repeat, even towards the end when my quads were feeling it!

If everything goes as planned this week, I will hit about 78 miles for the week, definitely a record in my book. I’m excited that coming up on two months of high mileage, I’m still feeling strong, fit, and fast. One of the major things I’m focusing on is running my easy miles slower so I am really recovering and benefitting from my hard efforts. There’s always something to improve upon in this sport!

Happy running!


What I looked like walking the dog on Saturday evening when we had -20 degree wind chills 🙂


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