Workout Report 2.9.16

Total: 12.3 miles @ 6:34 pace

High Intensity: 5 miles @ 5:43 pace

Man, last night’s workout was a tough one for me. I was pretty disappointed with how exhausted I was at the pace I was going, and the fact that I ran the same pace for 5 miles in last night’s workout, (with jog rest in between intervals), that I did for my 5 mile race on Sunday, made me cringe. I know I’ve said it myself, not all workouts and races will be great, or even good, and sometimes I have to take my own advice. It’s so easy for me to get caught up in how well my training is going, how great I feel running nearly 10 miles every day, doing my long runs under 7 minute pace, etc. etc.. Sometimes I need to remind myself, that my body is NOT invincible and I can’t day after day ask my body to perform to some expectation based on yesterday’s long run, last week’s workout, or Sunday’s race.

The positive thing about yesterday’s workout is that during the warm up I felt great. I was thinking I may even add some 200’s at the end to shake out my legs. The second I got into the first interval though, that thought was quickly diminished and I knew it was going to be more of a “just get me through this” kind of workout. Here’s how it went:

3.3 mile warm up warm up @ 7:30 pace

4 x 800 with 400m jog rest

  • 2:43
  • 2:47
  • 2:49
  • 2:46

3 x mile with 600m jog rest

  • 5:48
  • 5:51
  • 5:49

2 mile cool down @ 8:00 pace

Only to find out later that I had missed part of the workout in the email and the intent was to actually have 2-4 additional 800’s after those mile repeats! It’s probably a good thing that I didn’t see that though, because being as competitive as I am, I would have tried to do them and it wouldn’t have been beneficial. As I laid in bed last night, my body was completely beat and my legs felt like I had just run a marathon or something. I knew I needed to give my body a break for the next couple days and just enjoy some easy recovery runs and stretching.

The first lesson I learned after yesterday is that I probably can’t do a workout only two days after a race anymore, (in college this would have been standard and that was fine! But then again, I wasn’t running 70+ miles a week in college…) The second lesson I learned, which actually I already knew but yesterday was a nice reminder, a training cycle is not going to be continuous, upward, linear growth. Our bodies can only do so much and there will be ups and downs that we should pay attention to but not fret over.

Now, back to work and later, back to running!


A shot from Saturday’s 10 mile easy run on the river following Friday’s storm.


2 thoughts on “Workout Report 2.9.16

  1. Beautiful photo! Not looking forward to the frigid air coming towards us this weekend! Will most likely run indoors which is soo tough. You ran one incredibly strong workout– your 800m splits are incredible! Not every workout can be great, but just think of the “bad” ones as different and not bad- it will change your perspective! Keep it up!

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