Race Report 2.7.16 Super Sunday 5-Miler

Super Sunday 5 Miler – Kendall Square  – Boston, MA

2nd Place Female – 28:38 (5:43 pace)

Overall Results

I am very happy with how today’s race turned out and I think it is a very fair representation of my fitness level. My goal was to go out in 5:45 and try to hold that pace as long as I could. I went out a bit faster than that, but managed to finish strong for an average pace just a smidge faster than I sought after. Here are the splits:

Mile 1: 5:29

Mile 2: 5:49

Mile 3: 5:37

Mile 4: 5:51

Mile 5: 5:42

The entire field was a little over 1300 runners – I finished 30th overall and was the 2nd female. The first female was my super impressive teammate from Greater Boston Track Club, Liz Ryan. If I have to come in second, I’m happiest to come in after my teammate and training buddy. Liz passed me right around the second mile mark and because I had started a little quick for the first mile, as she zoomed by me her pace seemed impossible to match. I am however very pleased that I managed to hold my position relative to Liz for the remaining 3 miles of the race and finished just 8 seconds behind her.

Overall, this race is awesome. Participants raised over $30K for cancer research and the organizer always throws a sweet after party, not to mention cash prizes for top 10 males/females. I definitely recommend this race for fellow Bostonians wanting to get in some exercise before vegging out during the Super Bowl later on this evening.

This race, (plus warm up and cool down), topped off a 72.8 mile week for me. If that’s not the most I’ve ever run in one week, it’s certainly very, very close. I’m excited to continue this marathon training journey and see what exactly my body can do for the next 10 weeks approaching the Boston Marathon. Now it’s time to sit back, relax, and watch some football.


Post-race coffee is my happy place.


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