Long Run Report 2.3.16

Total: 19.01 miles @ 6:53 pace

rise 2-3

No a bad way to start my day.

I woke up this morning so excited to run because I had a wonderful sleep last night and it’s a beautiful February day in Boston. The sun was just peaking out when I stepped out for my run at 6:15am. I ran out towards the Newton hills, (miles 18-21 of Boston Marathon course) and when I hit 9.5 miles, I turned around. My intent was to run about 7:15 pace today, but I swear, once you get on Heartbreak Hill, it’s impossible to not run hard up it. After running uphill at 6:45 pace, 6:45 pace on flat or even slightly downhill, feels easy, so that’s what happened. The last few miles were closer to 6:30 pace…yeah that’s just me being a runner :). Here are the mile splits and elevation profile from Strava:

I tried out my FASTCHEWS today from SaltStick and I have to say, they were great. I only took three my entire run which is significantly less than what the packaging suggests. The recommendations are 2 tablets every 30 minutes of activity. With that logic, I should have taken 8-10 tablets in my just over two hours of activity. I figured, being winter, and my first time trying something new on a long run, I would just try a small amount and see how I do. During the run, they were easy to chew, (the packaging is a little tough, during a race I’d probably put them in a snack baggie or something,) and the lemon lime flavor was great – my stomach took to the salt tablets without an issue. The major difference I noticed was how I felt post run. After running 19 miles at a solid pace, I didn’t feel nearly as depleted as I usually do and an hour and half later as I type this, I feel fine with no stomach issues. I will try them again after my 5 mile race on Sunday, to see how they help me after running at a fast pace for ~30 minutes before cooling down.

That’s it for me today! Looking forward to three days of recovery miles!

Happy running!

selfie 2-3

I have yet to master the art of simultaneously running and taking pictures.


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