Long Run Report 1.30.16

Total: 15.5 miles @ 6:37 pace


Post run fun at my parent’s house on a lovely Saturday afternoon.


Yesterday’s run was a perfect reminder of why I’ve been putting in the double days, interval workouts, and hills. The whole 15+ mile run felt amazing, and even included a four mile tempo during the second half.

Being a down week*, I was only aiming for 15-16 miles on my long run, but wanted to run a few of those miles at goal marathon pace since I haven’t raced the past two weekends. The plan was to go out easy for the first 8 miles, (7:15ish), goal marathon pace miles 8-12, (6:25ish), and then just run home easy for the last few. What actually happened had the plan in mind but was really on another level. I went out in my first mile just under 7, and was like oh shoot, better slow down. Then my second mile was also just under 7, and again, oh shoot, better slow down. For about four miles I kept telling myself to slow down, but it just never happened. It felt so good to be running 6:40’s and it was obvious that’s what my legs felt like doing, so I let them do it. 6:40’s may not be exactly useful though -faster than recovery pace, slower than marathon pace – I don’t really know how running at that in between pace is helpful for me. I knew it was important that I did at least stick with the initial plan of marathon pace for miles 8-12 and told myself anything under 6:30 pace was fair game. Here’s what happened:

Mile 1: 6:54

Mile 2: 6:57

Mile 3: 6:48

Mile 4: 6:46

Mile 5: 6:46

Mile 6: 6:40

Mile 7: 6:40

Mile 8: 6:38

Mile 9: 6:11

Mile 10: 6:08

Mile 11: 6:06

Mile 12: 6:03

Mile 13: 7:00

Mile 14: 6:45

Mile 15: 6:42

Last .5: 7:08 pace (I live on a hill…)

I’m very happy with my effort over the entire run. My consistency is obviously paying off and I couldn’t be happier with the progress!

*Down week: last week of the month during marathon training I cut my mileage down by 10% and shorten my long run by 2-3 miles. Next week I will be jumping into the 70’s, if all goes according to plan.

pond hockey

Pond hockey, rockets, and drone flying all happened.


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