Workout Report 1.28.16

Total: 8.5 miles @ 7:19 pace


Elevation profile of my run today…the construction workers across the street definitely thought I was crazy given all those up and downs from miles 3-7 were on the same hill!

Today’s workout called for hills. I wanted to try something new, so got creative and googled “Hill Workout for Marathon Training.” One of the first things that came up was The Sisyphus Session from Mario Fraioli out of Competitor Magazine. The basics entail running up and down a long hill multiple times, but the specifics are much more ingenious and key for a marathoner. With about 30 seconds to go on the longest interval hill of my first set, I was faced with a very familiar feeling that I’ve only ever known in marathons – I wasn’t going super fast, but I didn’t want to go any faster, and I couldn’t believe I had to do those four hills two more times each! Hills are glorious for training – you can simulate a mental and physical state of mind you have in a marathon, in only 8 miles of running at an average pace of about a minute per mile slower than marathon pace! If that’s not bang for your buck, I don’t know what is.

Here’s the workout:

3 mile warm up to a long, gradual hill in my neighborhood, about 5-6% incline, about 600m long

3 X   {30 seconds up @ 5K effort, run down

60 seconds up @ 5K effort, run down

90 seconds up @ 5K effort, run down

12o seconds up @ 5K effort, run down}

1.5 miles cool down

The total hill work ends up being 15 minutes at 5K effort*. This was the perfect workout for me to do today. The time on the clock was irrelevant, and everything was totally based on effort. That’s just what my body and mind needed only two days following a tough track workout. Next time I will go for four sets!

*5K effort: not to be confused with 5K pace which I usually workout at about 5:30ish. 5K effort is an effort you’d be able to sustain for a 5K. So if you’re sprinting up the hill and completely out of breath when you get to the top, you’re not doing it right. It’s hard to say what my actual pace was running up hill as I had my Garmin on stop watch setting and only saw mile splits which included hard up hill running and easy down hill running. If I had to guess though, I would say it was probably somewhere around 6:20-6:25 pace, which hey, I believe that is my goal marathon pace! 🙂


My favorite post run snack: vanilla Greek yogurt, granola, and the secret ingredient, chocolate chips.


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