Workout Report: Tuesday 1.26.16

Total: 12 miles @ 6:36 pace

High Intensity: 7 miles @ 5:36 pace

This week’s track workout was amazing. It’s not that it felt so amazing, effortless, or smooth, like you may expect a final tune-up workout before a 5K race to feel. No, it felt amazing because I kept surprising myself by hitting the paces I thought I was too tired to touch. Although Monday was a glorious day of 10 slow, recovery miles, just Sunday I had done my longest run to date for this training cycle, (18 miles), not incredibly fast, but the majority being on snow covered ground. My legs were definitely not feeling fresh as I went into Tuesday’s workout, but apparently all of this marathon training is teaching my body (or maybe my mind) something – I can still run fast even when I’m tired. Here’s how the workout went down:

2 mile warm up @ 8:00 pace

2 x 1.5 mile @ 5:46 avg. pace (8:41, 8:38)

400m jog rest @ 8:00 pace after each 1.5 mile interval

2 x mile @ 5:36 avg. pace (5:39, 5:33)

600m jog @ 8:00 pace after each mile interval

4×800 @ 5:21 avg. pace (2:42, 2:42, 2:41, 2:38)

400m jog @8:00 pace after each 800 interval

1 mile cool down @ 8:00 pace

By the 800’s, my legs were heavy and I was tired… I didn’t even look at my watch until I crossed the line on the last two. Not looking at my watch during a track workout is a little game I like to play with myself to see if I am really as physically tired as I think I am, or if doing another interval at a particular pace just seems daunting mentally. I told myself that I really did not have to do the last two 800’s any faster than 2:45. Sometimes we just have to get out of our heads, because my legs heard what my brain said and they just weren’t having it.

I know all of the races and workouts I have leading up to Boston will not always go this well. There are ups and downs during  a training cycle and all we can do is be consistent, listen to our bodies, and train smart.

Liza Hitchner gives Aly Millett a warm welcome after Millett won the distance medley relay for Half Moon Bay Saturday.

From my hometown’s newspaper, (Half Moon Bay, CA) in 2005 maybe? We had just won the Distance Medley Relay and my teammate was giving my a hug following my mile leg. I look like how I felt after Tuesday’s workout. 🙂


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