Run Report 1.27.16


Sadie and I stretching, post-run.

Total: 9.06 miles @7:18 pace

I didn’t feel like running today. My legs were heavy from yesterday’s track workout and the weather was too “in-between-y” for me…(most people would find 40 degrees in Boston, in January, to be lovely, but I’m strange.)

But, I got myself out there anyway, and made it happen. I didn’t have a specific length I was going for, just somewhere in the ballpark of 6-10 to keep my average daily mileage consistent, and I figured because I wasn’t having it today, 6 miles sounded real good. I think being a good runner sometimes takes being a little crazy, (or maybe 100% of time.) My craziness is that I am constantly playing head games with myself to make me run faster, harder, and longer. Today, it was longer. I have this little 1.5 mile extra loop that I can add on to any run (before and/or after) and for some reason, I don’t even notice it’s happening. Maybe because it’s in my neighborhood, it only takes 10-12 extra minutes, blah blah blah, I don’t know. So before going into my typical 6 mile loop around the Charles River, I added my little extra run. I said to myself, “that’s it, I’m just doing this little extra thing in the beginning for a total of 7.5 miles!” My run was going, I was tired, it was windy, groups of walkers were taking up the entire bike path, you know, the usual. I was over it. But then, by the time I got to the point where I could either turn home, or add on my little, extra run, I was like, “eh, what’s another 10 minutes?”

I am positive that the little games I play in my head, are in fact what make me a better runner. 10 minutes isn’t that much, but it wasn’t just 10 minutes, it was 20 something minutes and three more miles than I set out to do when I stepped out the door. Is three more miles really that much? Well, no, maybe not. But is three more miles every day really that much more? Absolutely.




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