Long Run Report 1.24.16


Total: 18.05 miles @ 7:08 pace


Running along the Charles River this morning in some snow. Running pics aren’t flattering…


I was planning on doing this run yesterday morning with some teammates, but my body and mind weren’t up to it, so I took an unplanned day off and delayed my long run one day. We had a mini snow storm last night leaving us with about 6 inches total here in Boston. I needed to be somewhere by 11am so knew I had to get out on my run by 8am to be showered and ready to go by 10:30. I decided the most efficient way to get sleep and a solid run was to go from home out to the marathon course hills and back. I tried to go for the route I thought would was most likely to be plowed and packed… I guess I picked a good route, but my butt and hip flexors beg to differ… About 12 out of today’s 18 miles had at least a light layer of snow which makes a long run deceivingly harder than expected. My overall effort was pretty much the same throughout the whole run, changes in pace were due to big hills (Heartbreak was mile 8.5 – 9) and/or running through snow. Here are the splits for my run…

Mile 1: 7:23

Mile 2: 6:45

Mile 3: 7:05

Mile 4: 7:21

Mile 5: 7:17

Mile 6: 7:19

Mile 7: 7:17

Mile 8: 7:17

Mile 9: 6:53

Mile 10: 7:09

Mile 11: 7:05

Mile 12: 7:07

Mile 13: 7:02

Mile 14: 7:17

Mile 15: 6:58

Mile 16: 6:51

Mile 17: 7:09

Mile 18: 7:08

Overall, feeling pretty good about my run this morning. Solid effort on a rough terrain, not too shabby.



Some concrete on my run today :). Nothing is better than seeing that Citgo sign.


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