Workout Report 1.22.16

Total: 8.5 miles @ 6:53 pace

  • Progressive Tempo along Charles River

6 miles @ 6:29 pace

I started my run at a comfortable pace and decreased each mile by about 15 seconds. The sixth mile clocked in at about 5:50, which, I can’t believe I’m admitting out loud (kind of),  is my half marathon goal pace. Here are the splits:

Mile 1: 7:09

Mile 2: 6:49

Mile 3: 6:33

Mile 4: 6:25

Mile 5: 6:05

Mile 6: 5:51

Overall, this little afternoon tempo felt wonderful. The weather is ideal for me today, sunny and bright, and right around freezing temps.

  • 6 x Breed’s Hill Sprints

Although the Boston Marathon is known for it’s excruciating hills through Newton, MA, (miles 18-21ish of the course) the majority of Boston Proper is pretty flat, (with the exception of Beacon Hill.) The neighborhood I live in, Charlestown, has a few sizable hills…two of which are pretty historically significant! If you’ve ever visited Boston and walked along the Freedom Trail, you would have found yourself ending at the Bunker Hill Monument in Charlestown, which is actually sitting on top of Breed’s Hill. Bunker Hill is on the other side of the neighborhood – I guess “Bunker Hill Monument” sounded better than “Breed’s Hill Monument.” Anyways, when I want to do hills, those are the two I choose from. Today I opted for Breed’s Hill which is short and pretty steep, pictured below. Bunker Hill is preferable for marathon training, (especially getting ready for Heartbreak Hill…) but they’re doing construction over there and it’s just too difficult to do hill repeats and not get stopped multiple times. So I made do with what I had and I have to say, I was feeling it after six of those babies…

Now for a weekend of relaxation. And running a lot of miles of course.




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