Other things I do and could blog about.

You know when you’re out at a social event, meeting new people, and the first thing everyone asks is, “what do you do?” Well, I usually tell them my profession, you know, the thing that pays the bills, and unfortunately my $50 race winnings here and there just isn’t cutting it. How I really want to respond though, is with one of the million of other things that I do in my life that are important to me. Here are some of those things that I am and do.


I hang out with my dog, Sadie. She’s a 3.5 year old collie/lab/shepherd mix, and she’s crazy. I love her to pieces even though she has many shortcomings. Sometimes she runs with me, but her jam is limited to about 4 miles. Only if there are squirrels taunting her though. There always needs to be squirrels.


I’m a Bostonian and proud of it. I am one of those annoying New Englanders that will rub in how good our sports teams are. As a runner, I love that one of the most famous events in our sport’s history is hosted by my city the third Monday of April. Even though all of us Bostonians know the only part of the race that is actually in Boston is the last three miles which no one remembers anyway because you’re belligerently race drunk at that point.

391596_10101362224263520_1402787101_nI drink beer and love it. That’s pretty much it. Wine is not bad either. Not bad at all.

I’m a crazy cat lady. They keep me young.

I’m a boot collector. Seriously, I love boots.FullSizeRender

I knit stuff. Yeah, I’m a knitter.

And, I run a lot. I literally do this almost every day of my life and have been since the age of 12. I think that qualifies it as the right answer to “what do you do?”







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